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Fig. 2

From: Potent antitumor property of Allium bakhtiaricum extracts

Fig. 2

Acute and chronic treatment with the chloroformic and ethyl acetate fractions did not induce cell senescence. MDA-MB231 cells were treated with (a) high concentrations of chloroformic (0.2, 0.05 mg/ml) and ethyl acetate (0.3, 0.06 mg/ml) fractions and (b) low concentrations of chloroformic (0.001, 0.002 mg/ml) and ethyl acetate (0.001, 0.003 mg/ml) fractions for 10 days and analyzed for the senescence-associated β-galactosidase activity. (c) Arrows show blue cells with a typical senescent flattened and enlarged morphology in MCF-7 cells treated with 1 μM adriamycin as a positive control and (d) untreated MDA-MB231 cells were considered as a negative control. The image shown is representative of at least three independent experiments

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