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Fig. 3

From: Cytotoxicity of methanol extracts of 10 Cameroonian medicinal plants towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cell lines

Fig. 3

Effect of AAR and ACL extracts on the mitochondrial membrane potential in CCRF-CEM cells. C: control; AAR was tested at 24 h at 0.49 μg/mL (AAR1), 0.98 μg/mL (AAR2), and 1.96 μg/mL (AAR3), while ACL was tested at 4.01 μg/mL (ACL1), 8.02 μg/mL (ACL2), and 16.04 μg/mL (ACL3) corresponding to 1/2-fold, IC50 and 2-fold IC50 values. Data for the positive control, vinblastine under similar experimental conditions were previously reported [7]. Loss of MMP (Q1), intact cells (Q2), ruptured cell membrane (Q3 and Q4)

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