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Fig. 6

From: In vivo and in vitro inhibition of rat liver glutathione transferases activity by extracts from Combretum zeyheri (Combretaceae) and Parinari curatellifolia (Chrysobalanaceae)

Fig. 6

The effect of increasing the concentration of C. zeyheri extract or the ethacrynic acid on control liver cytosolic samples from the rats treated with saline or corn oil. The graphs are plots of percentage GST activity against the logarithm of the concentration of the plant extract or ethacrynic acid. Graph a and b show the effects of different concentrations of the plant extracts (saline–treated or corn oil-treated) on rat hepatic GST percentage activity respectively. Graphs c and d show the effects of different ethacrynic acid concentrations on the percentage activity liver GSTs from the saline and corn oil control groups respectively

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