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Fig. 8

From: Effects of Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsule on neurovascular functions assessed by quantitative multiparametric MRI in a rat model of permanent cerebral ischemia

Fig. 8

NeuN and GFAP immunofluorescence and CD34 immunohistochemical staining on the 14th day after pMACO. a Representative images of NeuN positive neurons, GFAP positive astrocytes and CD34 positive endothelial cells of the Sham, the Stroke and the XSECC/Stroke groups (positive expression of NeuN, GFAP and CD34 as indicated by white, red and black arrow heads, respectively). The expression of (b) NeuN, (c) GFAP and (d) CD34 in the ipsilateral cortex on the14th day after pMACO. Values are means ± SEM (n = 4 in the Sham and XSECC/Stroke group; n = 3 in the Stroke group). **P < 0.01 vs the Stroke group. Scale bar = 50 μm

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