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Fig. 2

From: Impact of phenolic composition on hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of four desert medicinal plants

Fig. 2

Histopathological findings of mice liver sections (PAS x400); (a) treated with 10 mg/kg F. indica twice daily showing excess glycogen synthesis; (b) negative control group treated with CCl4 alone showing dense periportal and lobular lymphocytic infiltrate with pyknotic nuclei within necrotic hepatocytes in periportal areas and some other cells show degenerative changes; (c) treated with 10mg/kg F. indica and CCl4 showing normal regenerating hepatocytes sometimes binucleated; (d) treated with 200mg/kg C. procera and CCl4 showing normal glycogen storage, stimulates regeneration and renewal of hepatocytes; (e) treated with 500mg/kg S. imbricata and CCl4 showing slight glycogen depletion and (f) treated with Z. hamiense Schweinf and CCl4 showing glycogen depletion in centrizonal area and more glycogen and ballooning degeneration on peripheral zone

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