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Figure 2

From: Identification of anti-inflammatory fractions of Geranium wilfordii using tumor necrosis factor-alpha as a drug target on Herbochip® – an array-based high throughput screening platform

Figure 2

Binding signals of representative herbochips probed by β-TNF-α. The images were visualized by Cy5-labeled streptavidin after the binding of β-TNF-α to (A) PTE-, (B) AKE-, (C) SCE-, and (D) GBE-herbochips, which were fabricated with extracts from Pueraria thromsonii, Amumon kravanh, Syzygium caryophyllaceum, and Garcinia bancans, respectively. These herbochips chosen to represent different binding signal strengths from negative (−), weak (+), moderate (++), and strong (+++); as marked in Table 1.

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