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Figure 3

From: Toxicological studies of stem bark extract from Schefflera barteri Harms (Araliaceae)

Figure 3

Histology of organs of the control rats and those exposed ofSchefflera barterifor 28 days. The organs of the rats exposed S. barteri extract showed: Light vacuole-like space (l) and congestions (c) in liver, inflammations (i), peri-portal /peri-bronchial and leucocytes infiltration (i f ) in both the liver and lungs, fusion (f u ) of basal membranes of seminar tubes (m) in testis; congestion of glomeruli and widening of the urinary space, normal spleen and ovary. Histological analysis of the organs of the control rats showed normal structure: hepatocytes (h), alveols (a), bronchi (b), glomeruli (g), membrane, follicle (f).

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