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Figure 3

From: Acupuncture promotes white adipose tissue browning by inducing UCP1 expression on DIO mice

Figure 3

Electro-acupuncture treatment significantly reversed serum leptin, cholesterol, and triglyceride level in obese mice. (A) Mouse serum leptin level was detected by ELISA. n = 5 per group. Serum cholesterol (B) and TG level (C) were measured by ELISA n = 5 in each group, *P < 0.05 vs Control, #P < 0.01 vs Control. (D) Mice were settled in 4°C cold room, rectal temperature were detected after 3 hours and 6 hours. n = 4 in each group, *P < 0.05 vs Control. All data were expressed as means ± SD, and each experiment was repeated 3 times independently.

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