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Figure 6

From: Hederagenin from the leaves of ivy (Hedera helix L.) induces apoptosis in human LoVo colon cells through the mitochondrial pathway

Figure 6

The effects of hederagenin on the expressions of apoptosis-related proteins (A) and their protein levels (B), such as Bax, Bcl-2, procaspase-9, procaspase-3 and proPARP in LoVo cells. Expressions of Bcl-2, procaspase-9, procaspase-3, proPARP were significantly reduced when the LoVo cells were treated with 1 and 2 μΜ hederagenin for 48 h, while the reverse was true for the expression of Bax. The data are expressed as means ± standard deviation from three independent experiments (n = 3).

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