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Figure 6

From: Ursolic and oleanolic acids as antimicrobial and immunomodulatory compounds for tuberculosis treatment

Figure 6

Effect of Ursolic acid (UA)/Oleanolic acid (OA) treatment on lung bacillary loads, pathology and cytokine expression during late disease produced by the multidrug-resistant (MDR) clinical isolate. (A) UA/OA mixture was administered 3 times per week (white bars) for 2 months, starting at day 60 post-infection with the MDR clinical isolate (CIBIN/UMF 15:99), decreased bacterial loads when compared with non-treated control animals (black bars). (B) These UA/OA-treated mice displayed a lesser pneumonia area than the control animals. (C) Administration of both terpenoids induced higher expression of proinflammatory cytokines and inducible iNOS. Each point corresponds to the mean ± Standard deviation (SD) of groups of four mice. Asterisks represent statistical significance between groups (*P < 0 · 05; **P < 0 · 01).

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