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Figure 3

From: Application of proteomics to identify the target molecules involved in Lonicera japonica-induced photokilling in human lung cancer CH27 cells

Figure 3

Effects of photoactivated Lonicera japonica extracts on the protein expression of chaperones in CH27 cells. Cells were incubated with 0.1% DMSO or 100 μg/mL Lonicera japonica extracts for 0, 1, 2 and 4 h and then irradiated with 0.8 J/cm2 fluence dose. Cell lysates were analyzed by 5% (ORP150), 9% (HSP60 and HSP70), 10% (PDI), 12% (β-actin) and 14% (caspase-4) SDS-PAGE, and then probed with primary antibodies as described in Section 2. −: control cells; +: photoactivated Lonicera japonica-treated cells. Results are representative of three independent experiments.

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