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Figure 1

From: Histone modifications and traditional Chinese medicinals

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree of 1,208 Traditional Chinese Medicinals. Among the 3,294 TCM medicinals, 1,208 have entries in the NCBI taxonomy database. The scientific names of the medicinals, encompassing fungi, birds, snakes, …, and citrus, are replaced by numbers from 1 to 1208 counterclockwise from the right middle. Colors of the labels are linearly proportional to the cold-hot TCM natures of the medicinals so that the lighter the color the colder the medicinal. NA means the medicinal does not have a cold-hot annotation in the TCM database. Clustering of colors along the circle indicates positive phylogenetic correlation of the medicinals’ cold-hot property. Additional file 1: Figure S4 is the same figure with scientific names and in a vector format so that the image can be magnified indefinitely to read the names.

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