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Figure 1

From: A gallotannin-rich fraction from Caesalpinia spinosa (Molina) Kuntze displays cytotoxic activity and raises sensitivity to doxorubicin in a leukemia cell line

Figure 1

P2Et fraction thin layer chromatographic profile. (A) Solvent I: petroleum benzene - ethyl acetate - formic acid (40:60:1). (B) Solvent II: chloroform - ethyl acetate - acetic acid (50:50:1). (C) Solvent III: Toluene - acetonitrile - formic acid (70:30:1). Lane 1: P2Et fraction basic hydrolysis products. Lane 2: S2Et fraction basic hydrolysis products. TLC visualization with UV, 254 nm, ferric chloride (FeCl3) and vanillin/sulfuric acid (VS) sprays. Gallic acid is a positive control. (D) Gallic acid Rf values in different solvent systems. (E) HPLC chromatogram at 263 nm. (F) MS spectrum positive mode. (G) MS spectrum negative mode.

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