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Fig. 1

From: Lancemaside A, a major triterpene saponin of Codonopsis lanceolata enhances regulation of nitric oxide synthesis via eNOS activation

Fig. 1

Identification of LA from C. lanceolata. a Structure of LA (b) Mass spectra of precursor ion of LA and their fragmentation product ion were obtained in ESI negative-ion detection mode ([M-H]). In the mass spectrum, LA showed the ions to be at m/z 1189.6 (top panel). The tandem mass spectrum of the relative fragmentation product ions was monitored at m/z 1189.6 → 647.5 for LA (bottom panel). The product ion at m/z 647.5 was produced by loss of a tetrasaccharide unit (arabinose, rhamnose, and two xyloses). c For analysis of the correlation of the 13C-NMR values (δ, ppm) of LA, the 13C-NMR data of LA were obtained from the literature. To validate the 13C-NMR data of LA, the chemical shifts of LA were observed and compared with the literature data

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