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Fig. 7

From: Coreopsis tinctoria Nutt ameliorates high glucose-induced renal fibrosis and inflammation via the TGF-β1/SMADS/AMPK/NF-κB pathways

Fig. 7

Effect of AC and marein on NF-κB signaling. HBZY-1 cells were pretreated with AC and marein for 2 h, and then stimulated with PDTC, an NF-κB inhibitor followed by NG or HG exposure for 24 h. Equal amounts of lysate were subjected to western blotting analysis to determine NF-κB P-65 and MCP-1. Note: Values were expressed as the mean ± SD, n = 4. #P < 0.01 versus normal group; *P < 0.05 versus control group; **P < 0.01 versus control group.

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