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Fig. 4

From: The effect of freeze-dried Carica papaya leaf juice treatment on NS1 and viremia levels in dengue fever mice model

Fig. 4

The freeze-dried C. papaya leaves juice slightly affecting the morbidity development of AG129 mice infected with 2 X 106 PFU dengue virus. a Body weight changes of mock infected (black lines) (n=5), infected (red lines) (n=5) and infected+CPLJ (green lines) (n=5) AG129 mice groups were monitored daily. Data represent mean values ± standard error of the mean (SEM). b Number of moribund AG129 mice in mock infected (black lines) (n=5), mock+CPLJ 1000 (orange line) (n=5), infected (red lines) (n=5) and infected+CPLJ 500 (green lines) (n=5) groups were recorded daily for 30 days post infection. Kaplan-Meier curves illustrated the susceptibility of AG129 mice to dengue virus. Percentage of survival between experimental groups were compared using Log-rank (Mantel-Cox) test. However, the survival differences were not statistically significant between infected and infected+CPLJ 500 groups. c The number of mice developing paralysis (complete paralysis of one or both hindlimbs) were recorded for 30 days post infection. Data represent percentages of total moribund AG129 mice with and without sign of paralysis

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