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Fig. 1

From: The immunomodulatory activities of licorice polysaccharides (Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.) in CT 26 tumor-bearing mice

Fig. 1

Dot plots for representative treatment groups of Normal, Saline, Fraction A, Fraction B and Fraction C after treatment period. To determine immune activity of licorice polysaccharides on proliferation T lymphocytes through stimulation, flow cytometry assay was carried out. Whole blood was collected by retro-orbital puncture and stained with respective markers, CD3, CD4 and CD8. Normal group had a high percentage of CD4 and low CD8; Cytoxin group, high CD4 and low CD8; Fraction A, high CD4 and low CD8; Fraction B, high CD4 and low CD8 and Fraction C, low CD4 and high CD8 cells compared to Saline treated group

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