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Fig. 1

From: Extract from mango mistletoes Dendrophthoe pentandra ameliorates TNBS-induced colitis by regulating CD4+ T cells in mesenteric lymph nodes

Fig. 1

The experiment design of mice was induced Colitis and MMDP administration. The mice were randomly divided into five groups, each containing 6 mice: I group received 100 μL of 50% ethanol-phosphate buffered solution (PBS) by rectal needle; II group was given a single rectum injection of 0.5 mg of TNBS only; III-V groups were treated MMDP (150 mg/kg BW, 300 mg/kg BW and 600 mg/kg BW), respectively. The administrated of MMDP were started from the 1st until 7th days. At the end of 7 days, mice in all groups were sacrificed. = PBS, ↓ = TNBS, ↕ = MMDP

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