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Fig. 3

From: Clinical efficacy and IL-17 targeting mechanism of Indigo naturalis as a topical agent in moderate psoriasis

Fig. 3

Moderate psoriasis signature. (a) Hierarchical clustering diagram of a moderate psoriasis signature generated from biopsies taken from lesional skin (LS; blue bar) and nonlesional skin (NS; green bar at the bottom) of the same patients at baseline; genes are represented as rows and samples as columns. Upregulated genes are shown in yellow and downregulated in blue; (b) enrichment of ingenuity pathways by moderate psoriasis gene signature. The stacked bar chart displays the number of up-regulated (red) and down-regulated (green) genesĀ in each Ingenuity Canonical Pathway. The pathways are ranked by the p-value of a Fisher exact test from top to bottom (orange line; p-value listed in Additional file S1)

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