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Fig. 2

From: Clinical efficacy and IL-17 targeting mechanism of Indigo naturalis as a topical agent in moderate psoriasis

Fig. 2

Efficacy assessments. (a) Mean PASI scores; (b) proportion of placebo- and Indigo naturalis-treated patients achieving a PASI 75 response (PASI 75 responders); (c) mean PGA scores; (d) and mean OTPSS in placebo- and Indigo naturalis-treated patients by study visit; (e) photo of a patient prior to Indigo naturalis treatment at week 0 (baseline) (left panel) and at week 8 following Indigo naturalis treatment (right panel). * p < 0.05 and ** p < 0.005 vs. placebo. OTPSS, Overall Target Plaque Severity Score; PASI, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index; PGA, Physician's Global Assessmen t; SD, standard deviation

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