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Fig. 2

From: Hepatoprotective potential of Fagonia olivieri DC. against acetaminophen induced toxicity in rat

Fig. 2

Radical scavenging activity of different fractions of F. olivieri at different concentrations. (a) DPPH; (b) superoxide; (c) phosphomolybdenum; (d) ABTS; (e) hydroxyl; (f) H2O2; (g) reducing power. Each value represents a mean ± SEM (n = 3). FOM, F. olivieri methanol extract; FOH, F. olivieri n-hexane fraction of FOM; FOC, F. olivieri chloroform fraction of FOM; FOE, F. olivieri ethyl acetate fraction of FOM; FOB, F. olivieri n-butanol fraction of FOM; FOA, F. olivieri soluble residual aqueous fraction of FOM; ASA, ascorbic acid

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