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Fig. 7

From: Formula PSORI-CM01 eliminates psoriasis by inhibiting the expression of keratinocyte cyclin B2

Fig. 7

The effects of overexpressed CCNB2 on the proliferation of HaCaT cells treated with PSORI-CM01-containing serum. a CCNB2 mRNA was raised significantly in pEZ-CCNB2-transfected HaCaT cell (P<0.05 vs pEZ-CTRL). b Treatment with PSORI-CM01-containing serum resulted in significant inhibition of the proliferation of pEZ-CTRL-transfected HaCaT cells stimulated with 10 μg/ml of LPS,however, there was no significant inhibition of proliferation of pEZ-CCNB2-transfected HaCaT cells stimulated with 10 μg/ml of LPS (* P < 0.05)

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