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Fig. 2

From: Formula PSORI-CM01 eliminates psoriasis by inhibiting the expression of keratinocyte cyclin B2

Fig. 2

Effect of PSORI-CM01 tablets on epidermal hyperplasia in the mouse model of parapsoriasis induced by imiquimod. a Representative HE staining for morphological examination of mouse skin. 400 μl of NS, or 6.88 mg/d CGT, as well as 12.5 mg/d, 25.0 mg/d or50.0 mg/d PSORI-CM01 tablets were administered orally to mice for 12 days after 8 days of imiquimod treatment. Images were captured at 100× (objective lenses 10 ×) under a light microscope using Axio Vision software (Carl Zeiss) at room temperature. b Histological sections of the epidermis on day 20 after the first imiquimod treatment, statistical analysis shows the epidermis area relative to the WT group for each group (WT group = 1, *P < 0.05 vs. NS group, n = 20)

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