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Fig. 4

From: Protective effects of Arctium lappa L. root extracts (AREs) on high fat diet induced quail atherosclerosis

Fig. 4

Ultrastructure of quail aorta in high fat diet fed quails and the effects of AREs. Four weeks old male quails were fed with high fat diet (1 % cholesterol and 14 % pork oil, w/w) for ten weeks and then aorta were collected, fixed in 5 % glutaraldehyde for 24 h, dehydrated with graded ethanol, embedded with epoxy resin 618 and then sectioned and observed under a transmission electronic microscope JEM-1200EX. a representative TEM picture of control quail aorta. b representative TEM picture of high fat diet fed quail aorta. c representative TEM picture of AFE 300 mg/kg/d treated quail aorta

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