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Fig. 2

From: Tuscan black kale sprout extract bioactivated with myrosinase: a novel natural product for neuroprotection by inflammatory and oxidative response during cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rat

Fig. 2

Bioactive TBK-SE restores BBB vascular endothelium. Sections from CIR rats did not show positive staining for claudin-5 in temporal lobe of brain tissue (a) as well as at the level of vascular endothelium of BBB in temporal lobe area of the brain (b). In contrast, in both two sections obtained from bioactive TBK-SE-treated rats it was observed a normal distribution of claudin-5 (c and d). Also, immunohistochemical localization of p-selectin displayed an increased expression of adhesion molecules following CIR in the vascular endothelium (e), while treatment with bioactive TBK-SE clearly reduced the degree of positive staining for p-selectin in brain tissues (f)

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