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Table 2 Mean binding energies and interactions of docked phytochemicals of Rumex abyssinicus with Cyclooxygenase-2(1CX2)

From: Effect of Rumex Abyssinicus on preneoplastic lesions in dimethylhydrazine induced colon carcinogenesis in rats

Compounds Mean (ΔG) (Kcal/mol) Number of H-bond Amino Acid Residues involved in H-bond
Rehin −7.91 3 ARG120, TYR355, TYR385
Catenarin −7.30 3 ARG120, TYR385, SER530
Emodin −7.27 3 ARG120, TYR385, SER530
Emodic acid −7.69 3 ARG120, TYR355, TYR385
Physcoin −7.84 3 ARG120, TYR385, SER530
Chrysophanol −7.48 1 GLY526
Damnacanthal −7.78 2 TYR355
Alizarin −6.83 nil NONE
Aloe-emodin −7.28 2 TYR355, GLY526