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Table 5 Selected physical factors in both the left and right wrists using variable selection techniques

From: Association of hypertension with physical factors of wrist pulse waves using a computational approach: a pilot study

Wrist Wrapper: NB Wrapper: LR LASSO: LR
Left L-PPI, L-PSD-0-13Hz L-PPI, L-Sum-30p, L-Sum-30p-PPI, L-Asys-HR75, L-PSD-0-13Hz L-PPI, L-PDI, L-Sum-30p-PPI, L-Sum-1.12v, L-Asys-HR75, L-PSD-w1, L-PSD-w2, L-PSD-0-13Hz
Right R-PPI, R-PDI, R-PSD-0-13Hz R-PPI, R-PSD-0-13Hz R-PPI, R-PDI, R-Sum-1.12v, R-Sum-1.12v-PPI, R-PSD-w1, R-PSD-0-13Hz
  1. Wrapper: NB, wrapper-based feature selection method with naïve Bayes; Wrapper: LR, wrapper-based feature selection method with logistic regression; LASSO: LR, the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator with logistic regression