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Fig. 4

From: L-Citrulline increases hepatic sensitivity to insulin by reducing the phosphorylation of serine 1101 in insulin receptor substrate-1

Fig. 4

Effects of L-Cit supplementation on insulin signaling in SHRSP/ZF rat livers. Six-week-old male SHRSP/ZF rats were administrated 2 g/kg/day L-Cit for 8 weeks. At the end of the administration period, the livers were immediately harvested for western blotting. a Phosphorylation level of IRS1 at serine 307, (b) IRS1 at serine 612, (c) IRS1 at serine 1101, (d) membrane PI3K level, (e) phosphorylation level of Akt at serine 473, (f) PEPCK mRNA level. Data were expressed as the mean ± SEM of n = 5. Significant differences were identified by the t-test, *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 vs control group

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