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Fig. 1

From: Effects of Ixeris dentata water extract and caffeic acid on allergic inflammation in vivo and in vitro

Fig. 1

Effects of ID on DNFB-induced dermatitis and serum IgE and IL-1β levels. BALB/c mice (n = 7) were sensitized with 100 μl of 0.15 % DNFB in an acetone-olive oil combination (3: 1) or a vehicle (acetone/olive oil = 3: 1) applied to the dorsal skin twice each week for a total period of six weeks. ID (1 g/kg) was orally administrated to DNFB-treated mice for six weeks. (a) Comparison of DNFB-induced dermatitis in BALB/c mice after oral administration of ID. (b) H&E stained tissue sections. Skin tissues were fixed with 10 % formaldehyde embedded in paraffin. (c and d) Blood samples were collected from the mice, and the levels of serum IgE (c) and IL-1β (d) in the indicated groups were measured with the ELISA method. Values represent the mean ± SD of independent experiments. . *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01

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