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Fig. 5

From: Effects of rhodiola crenulata on mice hearts under severe sleep apnea

Fig. 5

a The representative protein products of activated enhance VEGF-related pro-survival pathway (VEGF, p-PI3k, p-AKT) cardiac pro-survival pathway extracted from the left ventricles of excised hearts in the Control, the Hypoxia, the Hypoxia + RC90, and the Hypoxia + RC270 RC groups were measured by Western Blotting analysis. b The bars represent the relative protein quantification of VEGF, p-PI3k, and p-AKT on the basis of α-tubulin, respectively, and indicates Mean values ± SD (n = 6 in each group). **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001 are the significant differences from the Control. ##P < 0.01, ###P < 0.001, are the significant differences from the Hypoxia group

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