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Fig. 3

From: Analysis of glycation induced protein cross-linking inhibitory effects of some antidiabetic plants and spices

Fig. 3

Effect of antidiabetic plants at 2.5 or 0.1 mg/ml on glycation induced protein cross-linking. SDS-PAGE was conducted using aliquots collected after 6 days. Incubations were carried out in the presence of fructose with different plant extracts. PE, PD and PM were used at 0.1 mg/ml. Rest of the plant extracts were used at 2.5 mg/ml. -P: in the absence of plant extracts or AG, AG: Aminoguanidine, CG: C. grandis, FR: F. racemosa, GL: G. lactiferum, GS: G. sylvestre, MP: M. paradisiaca, PE: P. emblica, PD: P. debilis, PM: P. marsupium, SP: S. potatorum, TC: T. Cordifolia. Experiment was repeated three times

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