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Fig. 12

From: Antifungal activity of berberine hydrochloride and palmatine hydrochloride against Microsporum canis -induced dermatitis in rabbits and underlying mechanism

Fig. 12

Effects of palmatine hydrochloride (1 mg), berberine hydrochloride (1 mg), palmatine hydrochloride-berberine hydrochloride combination (1 mg + 1 mg), clotrimazole (0.4 mg), and DMSO on induced dermatophytosis in rabbits. Significant differences are indicated at P < 0.05. At 3 d, significant recovery was observed in palmatine, berberine, and B-P group (P < 0.05). At 7 d, significant recovery of skin lesions was observed in all treatment groups compared with the DMSO group (P < 0.05). At 9, 11, and 17 d, significant differences were recorded in B-P and clotrimazole groups compared with the other groups (P < 0.05)

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