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Figure 2

From: Valeriana officinalis root extract suppresses physical stress by electric shock and psychological stress by nociceptive stimulation-evoked responses by decreasing the ratio of monoamine neurotransmitters to their metabolites

Figure 2

Plasma corticosterone levels in the control, physical stress with vehicle (PS-V) group, PS with Valerian officinalis extract (PS-VE) group, psychological stress with vehicle (PCS-V) group, and PCS with VE (PCS-VE) group ( n = 7 per group; a P < 0.05, indicating a significant difference compared to the control group; b P < 0.05, significantly different from the PS-V vs. PS-VE or PCS-V vs. PCS-VE group; c P < 0.05, significantly different from the PS-V vs. PCS-V or PS-VE vs. PCS-VE group). Error bars indicate SEM.

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