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Figure 3

From: Suppression of lung inflammation in an LPS-induced acute lung injury model by the fruit hull of Gleditsia sinensis

Figure 3

FGS activates Nrf2 and enhances the expression of Nrf2 dependent genes in mouse lung. (A) Nuclear proteins were fractionated from the lung tissue, and nuclear Nrf2 was analyzed by western blot. The membrane was stripped and probed again for lamin A/C, a house-keeping protein in the nucleus. (B) Expressions of NQO-1, HO-1 and GCLC were measured by semi-quantitative RT-PCR of total RNA extracted from the lung of mice. The intensity of each PCR band was measured over that of GAPDH by ImageJ. Shown are representatives of 5 mouse lungs. Data represent the mean ± SEM of 5 mice. * P was less than 0.05.

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