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Figure 1

From: Suppression of lung inflammation in an LPS-induced acute lung injury model by the fruit hull of Gleditsia sinensis

Figure 1

FGS post-treatment suppresses lung inflammation in an LPS-induced ALI mouse model. NF-κB reporter mice (n = 5 per group) received an i.p. injection of LPS (10 mg/kg body weight) and subsequently i.t. FGS (150 μg/kg body weight) 2 h after LPS treatment. (A) Bioluminescence was measured intermittently for 24 h. Shown are representative bioluminescence images of the chest of 5 reporter mice, which were captured at indicated time points after i.p. LPS injection. The intensity of bioluminescence is shown in color; purple indicates a low level of inflammation and red does a high level of inflammation. (B) Bioluminescence was converted to relative photon numbers emitted from the chest of mice. (C) At 24 h after LPS treatment, expressions of TNF-α and IL-1β were measured by semi-quantitative RT-PCR of total RNA extracted from the lung of the reporter mice. The intensity of PCR bands of cytokine genes was measured over that of GAPDH by using ImageJ, a densitometric analysis program. Data represent the mean ± SEM of 5 mice. * P was less than 0.05, compared with LPS treated group.

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