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Figure 6

From: Supercritical fluid extract of Lycium chinense Miller root inhibition of melanin production and its potential mechanisms of action

Figure 6

The antioxidant characteristics of the effect of Lycium chinense Miller root SFE. (A). ABTS+ radical scavenging activity assay. The root extract (final concentration 2.37, 4.74, 7.11 mg/mL), vitamin C (50 μM) and BHA (0.1 mg/mL) were incubated with ABTS+ solution. (B). Determination of total phenolic content. Different concentrations of the Lycium chinense Miller root SFE (2.37, 4.74, 7.11 mg/mL) and gallic acid (2.5 and 5 μg/ml) were used in the assay. (C). Lycium chinense Miller root SFE decreased the cellular ROS level. The B16F10 cells were treated with various concentrations of the root extract (2.37, 4.74, 7.11 mg/mL) or Trolox (2 mM) for 24 h, and then the ROS content was measured by the DCF-DA assay. The results are expressed as percentages of the control values. The data are presented as the mean ± S.D. ***p < 0.001.

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