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Figure 3

From: Effects of JSOG-6 on protection against bone loss in ovariectomized mice through regulation of osteoblast differentiation and osteoclast formation

Figure 3

Effect of JSOG-6 on the mineralization of MC3T3-E1 cells. (A) MC3T3-E1 cells (2 × 104 cells/mL) were incubated with JSOG-6 in the presence of ascorbic acid and β-glycerophosphate for 14 days. Mineralized nodule formation was assessed by Alizarin red S staining. Data represent the mean ± S.D. (n = 3). *P < 0.01 indicates statistically significant differences from the control group. (B) Representative microscopic observation of JSOG-6 on the formation of calcification nodules with staining Alizarin red S. N.C., negative control; P.C., positive control (ascorbic acid + β-glycerophosphate).

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