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Figure 3

From: Inhalation of honey reduces airway inflammation and histopathological changes in a rabbit model of ovalbumin-induced chronic asthma

Figure 3

Effect of aerosolised honey on airway structures in the OVA-induced asthma rabbit model. The panels show H&E stained lung tissues from the control group (a), OVA-induced injury group (b), 25% honey-treated group (rescue, c; preventive, d), and 50% honey-treated group (rescue, e; preventive, f). Exposure of the lungs to OVA led to epithelial hypertrophy and peribronchial inflammatory cell infiltration (b). Treatment with aerosolised honey for three consecutive days following OVA sensitization and before the OVA challenge (honey rescue groups) markedly attenuated airway inflammation (c and e). However, the subsequent OVA challenge (honey preventive groups) caused epithelial hypertrophy as well as peribronchial cell infiltration to occur (d and f).

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