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Figure 1

From: Fei-Liu-Ping ointment inhibits lung cancer growth and invasion by suppressing tumor inflammatory microenvironment

Figure 1

Fei-Liu-Ping ointment inhibits the tumor growth. FLP effects on tumor growth in Lewis lung cancer xenograft. Lewis lung cancer cells were injected into 6-week-old C57BL/6 mice (2 × 106 cells/mouse). FLP mice were treated orally with 100 mg/kg FLP by gavaging each day, for 21 days. CTX group mice were given three IP injections of CTX at 60 mg/kg, on day 2, 7, and 14 following tumor injection. FLP + CTX group mice were given a combination of CTX and FLP treatments described above. (A) Tumors were weighed (grams) at the end of 21 days. Data displayed as mean of 10 mice in each group, +/- standard deviation. # P < 0.05 compared to FLP + CTX; **, P < 0.01 compared to PBS control. (B) Tumor Inhibition rate calculated as percent compared to PBS control. (C) Representative photomicrographs of tumors. Serum cytokine analysis detected using ELISA plotted as concentration for (D) TNF-α (E) IL-6 (F), IL-1β. Data displayed as mean of 10 separate samples in each group +/- Standard deviation. **, P < 0.01 compared to PBS vehicle.

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