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Figure 1

From: Protective effects of stem bark of Harungana madgascariensis on the red blood cell membrane

Figure 1

Bright field microscopy images presenting morphological changes of RBCs. Note the normal RBCs’ morphology in the control group (panels A1-2, 100×) and the degrees of morphological alteration seen in different experimental groups: RBCs pre-incubated with extract and incubated with Oo (panels B1-2, 100×); RBCs incubated with CCl4 (panels C1-2, 40×); RBCs incubated with CCl4+ Oo (panels D1-2, 40×); RBCs incubated with PCMB (panels E1-2, 100×) and RBCs pre-incubated with extract followed by incubation with PCMB (panels F1-2, 100×).

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