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Figure 4

From: The effect of Lycium barbarum on spinal cord injury, particularly its relationship with M1 and M2 macrophage in rats

Figure 4

Correlation between change of ED1 expression and lesion area. ED1 fluorescence intensity in area outside lesion and within 1 mm to the edge (two bands rostral and caudal to lesion, outlined by lines on each section) was measured, with the positive labeling within lesion out of our calculation. Animals given LBP-pre exhibited increased ED1 immunofluorescence intensity at either 7 d (B) or 14 d (D), compared to their corresponding vehicle groups, respectively (A, 7 d, C, 14 d). And in these animals, the increased ED1 staining intensity correlated with lesion change induced by LBP, at either 7 d (H) or 14 d (I). In rats treated with LBP-aft, no significant difference was found between LBP group (F) and control (E), at 14 d after injury. *p < 0.05, compared to the corresponding vehicle control; Bar = 1 mm. (G) ED1 fluorescence intensity of LBP-pre and LBP-aft groups.

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