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Figure 1

From: Cardiotonic pill attenuates white matter and hippocampal damage via inhibiting microglial activation and downregulating ERK and p38 MAPK signaling in chronic cerebral hypoperfused rat

Figure 1

Effects of CP on the chronic BCCAo-induced MBP reduction in the white matter and hippocampus. Immunohistological staining was performed to evaluate the expression levels of MBP in the medial septum, corpus callosum, fimbria, fornix, and hippocampus in the sham-control group (n = 4), BCCAo + Vehicle group (n = 5), and BCCAo + CP group (n = 5). (A) Representative photomicrograph of MBP-positive cells. (B) MBP levels were decreased in the corpus callosum, fimbria, fornix, and hippocampus of the chronic BCCAo rats compared to control rats (*). Relative to the chronic BCCAo rats given vehicle, the chronic BCCAo-induced reduction of MBP expression in the CP-treated chronic BCCAo rats was not observed (#). CC, corpus callosum; HC, hippocampus; LV, lateral ventricle; FI, fimbria; FX, fornix.

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