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Figure 1

From: Effects of organic extracts of six Bangladeshi plants on in vitro thrombolysis and cytotoxicity

Figure 1

Clot lysis by streptokinase, water and various organic extracts. Effects of drugs on dissolution of clots prepared from blood of normal individuals. Maximum clot lysis (75.00 ± 3.04%) was observed in clot treated with streptokinase (SK). Among herbal drugs C. suffruticosa (Kalomoricha), L. indica (Achilagach) and L. aspera showed 48.90 ± 2.44%, 39.30 ± 0.96% and 37.32 ± 2.00% clot lysis, respectively. Water (as a negative control) showed 4.19 ± 0.37% clot lysis. Data were processed with Tukey’s post hoc test for multiple comparisons, SPSS for windows, version 18.0, p < 0.05) from each other.

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