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Figure 3

From: In vitro cytocidal effects of the essential oil from Croton cajucara (red sacaca) and its major constituent 7- hydroxycalamenene against Leishmania chagasi

Figure 3

Peptidase activity of L. chagasi promastigotes treated with the essential oil from C. cajucara . Lane 1, untreated parasite lysates (control); Lanes 2–4, lysates of parasites treated for 20 (Lane 2), 40 (Lane 3), and 60 min (Lane 4) with 250 μg/mL of the essential oil. Lane 5, supernatant from untreated parasites (control); Lanes 6–8, supernatants from parasites treated for 20 (Lane 6), 40 (Lane 7), and 60 min (Lane 8) with the essential oil.

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