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Figure 1

From: Transcriptional profiling of Chinese medicinal formula Si-Wu-Tang on breast cancer cells reveals phytoestrogenic activity

Figure 1

Similarity between SWT and E2 treatment examined using whole genome DNA microarray. (A) Scatterplot graph shown as the comparison of gene expression profiles between E2 and SWT treatment at various concentrations (SH, SM and SL). The axes show log2 FC calculated for each of the treatment condition (FC: fold change, derived from intensity for treatment/intensity for control). The Spearman correlation coefficient (R) between two profiles was calculated for each graph. P < 0.0001 for all the correlations. (B) The hierarchical clustering analysis and heatmap of the correlation coefficients of the gene expression profiles based on log2 FC for each treatment group. This genome-wide analysis shows that the low- and medium-concentration SWT treatments (SM and SL) showed higher similarity with E2 treatment, while the high concentration SWT (SH) induced a gene expression changes less similar with E2 treatment.

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