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Figure 3

From: Black tea extract prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced NF-κB signaling and attenuates dextran sulfate sodium-induced experimental colitis

Figure 3

BTE attenuates DSS-induced experimental colitis as measured by weight loss. Mice (6/group) were pre-fed BTE-chow (0.2%, 1%) or control chow (AIN-76) for 3 days (loading period). After this time, mice were given 3% DSS in drinking water for an additional 6 days. Weight loss in response to DSS is presented as percent of the starting weight (*p,0.05 versus control, #p,0.05 versus DSS alone). BTE-fed, DSS-exposed mice showed less significant weight loss than control diet-fed, DSS-exposed mice by day 6 (p < 0.05). Values are mean ± SEM; n = 6 in each group. BTE, black tea extract; DSS, dextran sulfate sodium.

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