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Figure 4

From: An agonist sensitive, quick and simple cell-based signaling assay for determination of ligands mimicking prostaglandin E2 or E1 activity through subtype EP1 receptor: Suitable for high throughput screening

Figure 4

Calcium signal for active compounds. The concentration-dependent increase in calcium signal of EP1 stable cell line for the desalted, diluted potential agonists using fluorescence microscopy are shown. The top 10 water-soluble fractions of herbal extracts were serially diluted (1:1 using distilled water) in 96-well plates until obtaining nearly colorless solutions ranging from 1-40 μM. The calcium assays were performed in 12-well glass-bottom plates following the procedures described in Figure 3. Here, the specific fluorescence signal (A.-G., line a) is shown for the extracts: Extract 7 (A.), Extract 4 (B.), Extract 3 (C.), Extract 5 (D.), Extract 2 (E.), Extract 6 (F.), and Extract 1 (G.). Their respective controls using HEK293 cells alone (A.-G., line b) and wash buffer (A.-G., line c) are also shown for all seven compounds.

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